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Best State To Retire In: Georgia!

Beach, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, rural setting, golf, hiking, white-water rafting, skiing? Georgia has all of it, plus a high ranking in affordability and weather; better yet, RABUN county has it ALL either in or nearby. Although the state of Georgia ranked lower in sections such as crime, wellness, and culture, it still holds No. 1 as the best state to retire in, followed by Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, and — surprisingly — Massachusetts, according to a new list compiled by

The following categories were analyzed in determining Georgia's ranking:

  • Affordability - Georgia combines a low cost of living and a light tax burden.

  • Weather - The state has an average annual temperature of 64 degrees. Earthquakes are rare, and tornado risk is about average. The one downside is Georgia's small coastline puts it at risk of tropical cyclones.

  • Wellness and Crime - Georgia ranked in the middle.

  • Culture - Georgia ranks near the bottom in arts and entertainment establishments per capita.

Would you like to find out more about why Rabun County can be the perfect place to retire in Georgia? Check out the following links with valuable information:

Are you interested in finding your happy place in Rabun County?

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