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My kitchen... remodel or not?

Updated: May 20, 2018

As kitchen trends shift from the "Tuscan" influenced, dark wood, busy granite, and warm tones to a farm fresh look of lighter cabinets and quartz, I wonder how much will the ROI be if I decide to sell?

According a a survey conducted by home design website Houzz, the kitchen was the most renovated room in 2016. And along with the master bath, it is also the room most carefully scrutinized by potential homebuyers according to Trulia.

However, with the recent trendy options it is easy for a remodeling budget to get out of control, and cost is not always equal to value.

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Generally speaking for a $20,000 modest remodel you can earn back 80% of the investment.

With that said, here are some important things to know before jumping into the remodel:

Stay neutral

According to design experts in Trulia, vibrant colors and flashy materials are in, the trick is to be on trend WITHOUT being trendy.

In our community of Rabun County the cabin look is very popular and desired among buyers looking for the rustic, cozy feel. So keep that in mind if your target buyer is looking for a second home. The safest thing to do is to keep it as simple and clean in case you are also interested in attracting full time residents, who are probably looking for a more practical, functional look.

If you plan to sell, stick with classic features like subway tile, stainless steel fixtures, and granite countertops. To add style, try a splash of colorful paint, or wallpaper. Both inexpensive and easy to change in case buyer desire to do so. Avoid costlier countertops like soapstone or slate stone.

Cool it on the cabinets

At up tp $1200 per square foot custom cabinets can blow your budget without adding much value to your home.

A good option would be to compromise with semi-custom models like the ones offered by Home Depot and Lowes, while avoiding built-in organizers.

Even better, save hundreds or even thousands by working with what you already have. We have some local cabinet makers in Mountain City, Clayton and Tiger that might be able to assist you with modifications without having to spend a fortune. Most cabinets can be sanded down and given a fresh coat of paint, or you may reface them with new doors for about the third of the cost for completely replacing them.

Know your neighborhood

Aim to MATCH and not OUTDO what would be buyers are finding in your Rabun County, Georgia neighborhood homes, more specifically in your OWN neighborhood.

One rule of thumb: if the value of your land represents more than half the value of your total property, is relatively easy to boost the value with a significant home improvement, like an upscale kitchen. If the value of your home already represents more than half of the property's value, then improving it any further is risky.

Good luck!

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