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Goin' Fishing in Rabun

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Did you know that fishing is one of Rabun's most popular outdoor activities?

There are many reasons why fishing is so popular. One of the main benefits is that recreational fishing is a unique way to get exercise, relieve stress, and relax, and it can be an excellent social activity. It also has significant economic and environmental benefits. Fishing allows you to slow down, forget about your worries and troubles, and focus on what is happening in the present, it can reconnect you with nature and rediscover a sense of purpose in life.

Trout fishing
Tallulah River

Fishing is good for your health

Fishing is highly appreciated for its therapeutic properties! Spending time outdoors can help reduce stress levels and promote a sense of calm and well-being. In addition, baiting your hook and casting your line requires a focus that helps clear your mind of any worries or concerns, providing a much-needed break from life's everyday stressors. Outdoor activities have been shown to boost your immune system. As you expose yourself to the fresh air and sunlight on the water, you can support your body's natural defenses against illness and infection and even help lower blood pressure and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Fishing provides nourishment

And then the best benefit of all, is catching your meal! Fish are nutrient-packed, protein-rich creatures that can contain nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids (support heart health and promote better eyesight) vitamin B12, (for healthy nerves, blood cells, and DNA), protein, good cholesterol, and vitamin D, which can help keep you feeling your best. Because of this, fishing is also vital to the livelihood of many people across the country, providing an economic benefit.

So next time you feel gloomy, stressed, or hungry go an enjoy fishing in Rabun's beatiful lakes, rivers and streams!

Fishing in Rabun County, North Georgia Mountains

Popular seasonal trout streams that flow in Rabun County:

Bad Branch Watershed (flows into Lake Seed)

Bad Creek Watershed (flows into Tugaloo Lake)

Bridge Creek Watershed

Crow Creek Watershed (flows into Lake Seed)

Dickenson Branch (flows into Lake Burton

Dicks Creek Watershed (flows into Lake Burton)

Falls Branch Watershed (flows into Lake Rabun)

Flat Creek Watershed

Joe Creek Watershed (flows into Lake Rabun)

LaCounts Creek Watershed (flows into Lake Seed)

Moccasin Creek Watershed, except for Moccasin Creek

Downstream from the Burton Hatchery water intake to the sign marking the approximate average pool level of Lake Burton

Popcorn Creek Watershed

Seals Creek Watershed m(flows into Lake Seed)

Slick Shoal Creek (flows into Lake Seed)

Timpson Creek Watershed

Wildcat Creek Watershed

Worse Creek Watershed (flows into Tugaloo Lake)

Other than Trout Fishing Lakes

Tallulah River downstream from Lake Burton dam and tributaries to Burton, Seed, Rabun, Tallulah Falls, Tugaloo, and Yonah lakes not listed as Year-round may be fished year-round without a trout license since they are not trout streams.

Year-Round Trout Streams include

Chattooga River

Upstream from the mouth of Warwoman Creek

Little Tennessee River

Downstream from US Highway 23-441 bridge

Moccasin Creek downstream from the Burton Hatchery water intake to the sign marking the approximate average pool level of Lake Burton.

Overflow Creek Watershed

Stekoa Creek Watershed

Tallulah River

Downstream to Lake Burton

Warwoman Creek

West Fork Chattooga River

Small lake fishing

Black Rock Lake - Open to fishing year-round, this lake is stocked with catfish and trout, and you will find a fair population of bass and sunfish.

For more information:

Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites Division

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

P. O. Drawer A

Mountain City, GA 30562

(706) 746-2141

Seed Lake

With an abundance of small yellow perch, Seed Lake has a good population of largemouth bass, bluegill, and redbreast sunfish. Accessible by a small launching ramp on Lake Rabun Road, this lake receives relatively light fishing pressure.

For more information:

Georgia Power Company

#4 Seed Lake Road

Lakemont, GA 30552

(706) 947-3521

Tallulah Falls Lake

This small lake has a fair amount of bass, sunfish, yellow perch, and catfish. The lake level fluctuates rapidly because it is primarily operated for power generation. No boat ramp is available, but you can launch a small boat or canoes by hand on the south side of the lake.

Camping and picnic facilities are available off U.S. Highway 441.

For more information:

Georgia Power Company

#4 Seed Lake Road

Lakemont, GA 30552

(706) 947-3521

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