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Well Hello Fall!

As we bid farewell to summer, Rabun County eagerly awaits the arrival of the enchanting fall season. With the air turning crisp and leaves beginning their transformation, our county is preparing for a magical spectacle of colors. Soon, our hills and valleys will be adorned with a breathtaking palette of reds, oranges, and yellows, and we can't wait to witness this transformation!

Embrace the Spirit of Fall with These 10 Activities:

  1. Fruit Picking at Chattooga Belle Farm: Head to nearby South Carolina for a delightful fruit-picking adventure at Chattooga Belle Farm.

  2. Explore the Farmers' Market: Dive into the harvest season at our weekly Saturday Farmers' Market, a local treasure trove of fresh produce and artisanal goods.

  3. Savor Local Cuisine: Treat your taste buds to fall flavors at various eateries, including Fortify Kitchen And Bar, Lake Burton Grill, Lake Rabun Hotel Restaurant, Julep Farms and more. Don't miss out on The Hush Cuban Restaurant, Fortify PiMilton Park or the new Max's Lakeside for a casual yet flavorful dining experience. Sports Enthusiasts' Haven: Catch your favorite sports events at Coach's Sports Bar and Restaurant and stay tuned for the opening of Friends American Grill on Main St. Homestyle Comfort Food: Satisfy your cravings for homestyle cooking at The Clayton Cafe, Sunday Diner or the Dillard HouseMexican Delights: If Mexican cuisine is calling your name, explore options like Manriques La Cabaña in Clayton, or La Veracruzana in Dillard. Seafood Lovers' Paradise: For shrimp lovers, Lake Burton Cafe (and enjoy a game of pool while there) or Bella's "All You Can Eat Shrimp Thursday" are must-visit destinations. Live Music Scene: Enjoy live music at Universal Joint, Bleu Canoe, The Spotted Pig, or Route 76 Road House, where you might even spot Elvis. Coffee enthusiasts can indulge themselves at White Birch Provisions where you will find the best patries in town!

  4. Retail Therapy: Take a leisurely stroll through Clayton's downtown shops, offering a fantastic array of furniture, art, and clothing. Or if you enjoy "Antiquing", check out Habitat ReStore, Faith's Thrift Store, the Clayton Flea Market, and the Antique Mall in Dillard.

  5. Outdoor Adventures: Take a hike and find your favorite waterfall. Our numerous hiking trails offer the chance to witness the foliage up close and personal.

  6. Visit Local Wineries like Stonewall Creek (which has a Bocce ball court), 12 Spies Vineyards (live music), and Tiger Mountain Vineyards. Want to skip the vineyard? Why not check out our nearby wine bar, Napa South, and indulge in a selection of local, imported, and Californian wines? Thanks to its great ambiance and occasional live performers, it's a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

  7. Watch a Movie: For a nostalgic movie night, head to the Tiger Drive-In.

  8. Angling: Our rivers and lakes teem with fish for those who love fishing, providing comfortable angling days in the cooler weather.

  9. Camping: Experience an unforgettable fall camping trip in Rabun County's picturesque hills and valleys. Enjoy the crisp air and beautiful red, orange, and yellow colors of nature.

  10. Sunset Boat Rides: Catch a mesmerizing sunset from the tranquility of a boat, offering unparalleled views of the sun's descent over our stunning lakes.

Let's make this fall season in Rabun County unforgettable, filled with cherished memories and the warmth of our vibrant community.

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