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Discover the jewel of the Appalachians

Updated: May 15, 2023

"Rabun County lakes, where the mountains meet the water."

What’s not to love about a mountain lake? Shrouded in an array of forest and foliage with mountain scapes to the horizon, at a mere inspiring glance one can find peace and tranquility with nature.

My family and I fell in love with Rabun County for many reasons but one of those was the beauty of Lake Burton, Lake Rabun and Lake Seed. Like many before us, a simple visit to this northeast Georgia gem set our imaginations into motion. Driving the winding tree shrouded roads overlooking Lake Burton served as an initial welcome respite from the stresses of life in a metropolitan city. In the years since, I’ve witnessed this play out with others as they consider a permanent move to Rabun County or the purchase of a vacation home. One thing remains constant – everyone loves the mountain lakes of Burton, Rabun and Seed.

The story of the lakes in Rabun County begins in the northeastern part of Georgia where the Appalachian Mountain range begins. The Appalachian region of northeast Georgia is known for its rugged terrain and abundant rainfall, which creates ideal conditions for the formation and sustainment of lakes and rivers.

In the early 20th century, the Georgia Power Company recognized the potential for hydroelectric power generation in the area, and began building a series of dams on the Tallulah River. The first dam was completed in 1913 which created Lake Rabun, followed by Lake Burton in 1920 and finally Lake Seed in 1927. These lakes not only provided hydroelectric power but also created new recreational opportunities for the region.

Over time, the lakes became popular destinations for fishing, boating, and swimming, as well as for vacation homes and summer camps. Today, the lakes of Rabun County attract visitors from around the world and remain an important part of the region's economy and culture.

In recent years, the lakes have faced challenges, such as invasive species and water quality issues. However, local organizations and government agencies have worked to address these challenges and ensure that the lakes remain healthy and sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

While there are smaller lakes and ponds within Rabun County, the four most prominent are:

1. Lake Burton: This 2,775-acre lake is one of the largest and most popular in Rabun County. It is known for its clear waters and scenic mountain views, and is a popular destination for fishing, boating, and swimming.

2. Lake Rabun: This 835-acre lake is another popular destination in Rabun County. It is surrounded by forested hills and offers a variety of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, and water skiing.

3. Lake Seed:This 240-acre lake is located in the northern part of RabunCounty and is known for its secluded location and pristine waters. It is a popular spot for fishing and boating, and is also home to a variety of wildlife.

4. Tallulah Falls Lake:This 63-acre lake is located in the Tallulah Gorge State Park and is known for its scenic beauty and crystal-clear waters. It is a popular spot for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

There are also several smaller lakes and ponds throughout Rabun County that offer great recreational opportunities, such as Andrews Lake, Nancytown Lake, and Moccasin Creek Lake.

If you find being on the water preferable to being on shore, then the local marinas can provide you with access to boat rentals, storage, and service. Here are a few of the marinas and other lake access points you can find in the area:

  1. La Prade's Marina: Located on LakeBurton, LaPrade's Marina is a full-service marina that offers boat rentals, boat sales, and service and repair. They also have a fuel dock, a ship store, and two restaurants on-site.

  2. Anchorage Marina: Anchorage Marina is located in Timpson Cove on Lake Burton and offers boat rentals, boat sales, service, and repair. They also have a fuel dock and a ship store on site.

  3. Rabun Boathouse: The Rabun Boat House is a full-service marina located on Lake Rabun.

  4. Seed Lake: Activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, and primitive camping Can be enjoyed at Seed Campground. 1,724.5 feet above sea level.

  5. Tallulah Falls Lake: the public dock on River St. near Town Hall. Boat launch at this location is by hand only, Not accessible to trailers. Feel free to unload at the dock, but please park across the road from Town Hall.

In addition to these marinas, several public boat ramps and docks throughout Rabun County provide access to the lakes. These include the Lake Burton Fish Hatchery Boat Ramp, the Lake Rabun Beach Boat Ramp, and the Moccasin Creek State Park Boat Ramp, among others.

As remote work has increased, so has the number of new full-time residents along the shores and ridgelines of these beautiful mountain lakes. It’s just close enough to the modern amenities of Atlanta, Greenville and Asheville while being far enough away from traffic congestion to insure its beauty, peace and tranquility is balanced with new development.

Homes on and around the lake range from cozy cabins to sprawling estates. There is everything from the privacy of a large, wooded lot to the added security in a gated community. When other communities are negatively impacted by economic downturns, lakefront and lakeview properties remain in high demand and almost always command premium prices. This ensures the home is both a great investment but also one that facilitates the enjoyment of natural beauty and boundless recreational opportunities.

If a home on or in view of one of these majestic lakes is of interest to you, then perhaps a personalized tour would help you better understand what options are available. I would be happy to show you homes by boat or by car that fit your lifestyle, tastes and budget. Let’s find your Happy Place in Rabun County!

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